Leather Repair Company

Dirt Monkey Car Care are delighted and excited to offer our customers the very best in leather care and repair products from LRC .

Our Leather Care & Repair Products are sold worldwide on a daily basis. They are used by DIY's, professionals and preferred by enthusiasts around the world. Every day, we thrive to improve and develop our products. Our aim, to be the best in the world. (we're not far off). From Leather Cleaners, to Leather softening cremes, to colour dye repair kits and leather restoration kits, for pigmented leather to aniline leather, we have a leather care solution for everything. We don't just have products for leather care, we have products for wood care, marble repairs kits, stone repair kits and granite repair kit - We have a DIY leather, Wood, Stone, Marble and Granite solution for you to fix issues at home or work.

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